Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stella #19

Rode her around the property. I was curious how she'd do without a big warm up that potentially fires up pain in her hocks. I could tell I was riding a horse that needs a mental warm-up, as she was tighter and needed to move more. I do no warm up, just tacked up and went.

Played with confidence on obstacles, focus and following my focus. 

I have to say, she was less swishy and irritated than normal where I usually warm her up with cantering.

Stella #20

Played a bunch with trailer loading!  this was a good session for her trailer confidence. She became way more confident and was going in and out with ease. She was able to stand in the trailer and eat with a leg cocked. Good growth for her.

Stella #18

Tried a test with bute to see how she would feel after an anti-inflammatory was on board to fight pain and discomfort.  She was way more comfortable and able to allow her hind feet to come back enough for a trim. Rode her and felt much less tail swishing and negative response.

Poor girl needs some support for her physical comfort.